Dating after Divorce

brokennessMark 12:30-31 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

I learnt the hard way what true love is. I looked for love in all the wrong places, got married at a young age for the wrong reasons and repeated the same mistake again. I wanted the fairy tale marriage, my prince who would love me forever and make me happy. But I realized when you put two imperfect beings together without God their union is bound to fail. After my second divorce, I realized that in order for me to avoid the same mistakes, I had serious work to do on myself. I had to go back to my first love and allow Him to work in me and change me. To heal my broken heart and allow me to start afresh. To take all the pain that I experienced, and turn it into something beautiful. I had to allow the greatest physician of all time to heal me completely, otherwise I would fall right into the same trap of unhealthy relationships.

God is the author of romance. He knows you better than you know yourself and He knows your partner better than they know themselves. He knows their past, present and future. He was there and will be there. So why not allow Him to write your love story. Give up control and let him take the reigns of your relationship. Clearly you suck at this, let Him who is perfect teach you how to love and be loved.

As humans we tend to rely heavily on our feelings. Feelings change, they are not reliable. One day you may be in love and the next you may be annoyed by that person. Loving someone is a choice that we have to make on a daily basis. We have to consciously love our partners as they are, not based on how they make us feel or what they do for us, unconditional love. True love can not be bought or earned. Allow God to teach you how to love the way he designed. Who better knows true love than the man who gave up His only son because he loved us as sinful as we are. When you love God with everything you have, you will be better able to love your partner. God is love and true love is possible, I live it everyday! I see a reflection of Gods love in my husband on a daily basis. He loves me so purely and unconditionally just as I am, as imperfect as I am, to him I am everything he ever wanted and he shows me that everyday. I never thought I would ever experience that kind of love. It’s possible!



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