Gut instinct

surrenderI had been working for about three hours, but to me it seemed like ten minutes. When I am in the operating room, time stands still and I am in my own little world. I can not explain it. Anyway, as I continued my dissection, something kept telling me that the anatomy was not standard. That thought was persistent and I carefully proceeded and lo and behold, after my dissection was complete, there sat the replaced artery.

It couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes since I had gone to my call room. I was extremely exhausted from operating all day and I wanted to lay down for a bit. I heard the voice, saying, “go check on your baby.” Immediately I jumped out of my twin bed and put on my shoes and made the journey to the other side of the hospital where the pediatric intensive care unit is. When I arrived, my patient was in respiratory distress and immediately I was able to take care of the problem.

How many times do you hear that still small voice telling you things are not as they appear, or warn you about a situation or an individual and you completely ignore it. I truly believe that when you are in sync with God, He communicates with you in different ways, at times it’s in your gut, you just become uncomfortable. Don’t ignore those feelings. They could protect you from danger, heartache, terrible mistakes or open up doors and opportunities for you.  I have so many stories of when as a resident I would show up at the right moment because I just had that feeling that something was wrong and did not disregard it. As I journey through this life, I believe that it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

Do you listen or do you just brush off that feeling when it happens? Let’s hear it, when did you trust your gut instinct and it made a difference? I want to hear your stories.


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