Waiting On God For A Husband

waiting1There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single forever, in fact, there are women who are ok with being alone and prefer it that way. I am not one of those women, as independent as I am. I was talking to a friend who is single and afraid of being alone forever. I get it, it’s frustrating to go day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year without a husband in sight. Let me assure you, God knows exactly what you need. What you need may not come in the package that you want. You have to open your heart and trust that He knows what is best for you. God sees those tears, those lonely nights, those days when you come home to an empty house. Don’t give up, keep praying, keep believing.

When I met Ryan he was not exactly “the kind” that I would normally date. I had done a lot of healing and work on myself after my second divorce and frankly I did not think I would ever get married again. I told him so. I had been single for a while and as a single mother of two teenagers in my thirties, I was not interested in games or childish men. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was not going to compromise on the core things that were important to me. I wanted someone who is loyal and trustworthy, someone who was willing to work on our relationship to always make it great, someone who believed in God. He had to adore me of course…lol… I am not kidding! God brought me someone who is a thousand times better than I ever thought possible. So if it can happen to me, it can happen to you too.

Having failed at marriage twice, I can tell you that I have never been more in love or happier than I am now and I don’t think it can get better than this. You have to have two people willing to prioritize each other and love each other unconditionally and fully, and give of themselves to each other. You both have to be willing to put in the work necessary daily, to spoil each other and serve each other. To learn each other and want to outdo each other in your love for each other. It takes work, great marriages don’t just happen, love alone is not enough. So while you wait, take time to learn how to be a great partner. Take time to develop your relationship with God and to develop yourself as an individual. A husband will not complete you, you have to be complete on your own first. You have to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order for you to be the wife you are meant to be. Being a wife is a great and serious responsibility. Broken people attract broken people and that is a recipe for an unhealthy and unhappy marriage, believe me on this one. Seek God’s guidance and remember, never judge a book by its cover, you may end up missing out on the best husband.

My favorite songs on waiting on God..



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