Discerning God’s Voice


God Speaks

I used to be the kind of person who would inwardly roll my eyes when someone said, ‘God spoke to me.’ As I have been growing spiritually, I am learning that God speaks to us in different ways. We have to take time to listen to Him. He IS GOD, he can communicate with us anyway he chooses. Whether he chooses to use a donkey to speak to you or a song on the radio, it’s irrelevant. What is important is discerning His voice. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

God speaks to us through his word. It is essential that we spend time reading God’s word. You can not mature in your relationship with God otherwise, this is not negotiable. Prayerfully reading God’s word and seeking his guidance is key to living a purposeful life. Honoring and obeying God’s Word prepares your ear to hear God’s voice. Through obedience, we demonstrate our love for God, and failure to obey is a reflection of a rebellious heart.

God speaks to us through prayer. I have had the idea that the purpose of prayer is to change God’s mind. I thought, “If I can just plead with God long enough and hard enough, He’ll give me what I’m asking for.” I tried manipulating God to give me what I wanted, guilt Him. He loves me so much and wants me to be happy, why can’t He see that this particular thing that I am asking for will make me happy. Then with time, I learnt that prayer is not a way to twist God’s arm. Prayer is God’s means of getting through to us, so that we can do things for Him! As we pray, God takes our focus off of our needs and puts our focus on His love and His power.

Through prayer, God changes our perspective to conform to His purposes; He establishes Godspeaks2His priorities for our lives. When we pray, God will hear, and He will answer us with “yes,” “no,” or “wait.” Hearing God’s clear answers to our petitions is essential. As you spend time with your heavenly Father through prayer, and as you learn to know Him through His Word, you will hear His voice; you will learn to view the circumstances of your life with discernment and perceive God’s answers to your prayers. God always answers our prayers, but unfortunately we do not always recognize His answers. That takes practice.

God speaks to us through our circumstances. You must be diligent to seek God and to be attentive to His work in every facet of your life. As you focus on the Lord, especially during difficult or painful circumstances, God can show you His perspective about your circumstances. Rather than trying to figure out everything, equipped only with our limited knowledge and understanding, we can acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways and rely on His love for us, His sovereignty, and His plan for our good. He is totally trustworthy.

God speaks to us through other people. As I was walking out of morning report today after my 24 hour shift, God spoke to me through a colleague. She mentioned that she had read my blog and liked my piece about tackling the book of Daniel. She then said, “I feel more like I need to tackle the book of Job because I have been tried this past year.” It is what I needed. I had been wondering which book to study next and I was actually thinking of starting John today now that I finished Daniel; but then God had other plans for my Bible study plan for the month. Job has 42 chapter, I can not wait to delve into this book that has been dubbed the greatest poem ever written in ancient and modern times.

The depth of your walk with God is directly proportional to the zeal with which you seek him. If you seek after God in a halfhearted, inconsistent manner, you cannot expect to hear him speaking at the deepest levels. But if you will discipline yourself to concentrate on the Lord and if you diligently obey everything he says, then you will be prepared to experience God at an increasingly profound and personal level. God has invited you to go deeper in your relationship with him. The depth of that relationship ultimately rests with you.” (Henry and Richard Blackaby, Hearing God’s Voice, page 246)

#this one is for my Ghanaian sister, thank you for being in my life!


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