Maximum Achievement Brian Tracy

maxachievementThe Twelve Step System

1. Develop desire – intense, burning desire –> The greatest obstacle to setting and achieving your goals is FEAR. Fear is the reason you sell yourself short and settle for far less than you are capable of. Every decision you make is based on either fear or desire. An intense, burning desire for a specific goal enables you to rise above your fears and move forward over any obstacles. You must be absolutely clear about what it is that you want to be, to have or to do. Deciding what you really want is the starting point of all great achievement. Take a moment, take out your pen and journal and write down what exactly you want your life to be like, your personal life and your professional life.

2. Develop belief –-> You must absolutely believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goal. You must have complete faith that you deserve the goal.  Napolean Hill says, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Your responsibility is to create and maintain a positive mental attitude by confidently expecting and believing that if you continue to do the right things in the right way, you will eventually attract to yourself the people and the resources you need to reach your goal. You must absolutely believe in yourself and that if you keep going on, you will ultimately be successful, despite any challenges you encounter along the way.

3. Write it down –> Goals are not goals if not written down. When you write your goal down on a piece of paper or on your electronic device, you crystallize it. You make it something concrete and tangible. You have taken it out of your imagination and put it into a form that you can do something with. Make your life a masterpiece. Don’t worry for a moment about how the goal is going to be achieved. Your main goal is to absolutely be certain about what exactly you desire. A goal not written down is merely a fantasy or dream.  A fantasy is a goal with no energy behind it.  When you begin writing it down, it starts to become real.  One of the most powerful exercises you can do to help you achieve your goals is to write it down in detail, and describe exactly what it would be like to have that goal.  This will help program your subconscious mind to believing you have achieved it.  Another thing you can do is to write down your goals, then put them around your desk or room or bathroom or house so that you can see it everyday.  This will help you focus on your goals and move you towards them.

4. Make a list of all the ways that you will benefit from achieving your goal –> Your reasons why are the forces that intensify your desire and drive you forward. Your motivation depends upon your motives, your reasons for acting in the first place, and the more reasons you have, the more motivated you will be. Simply make a list of all the benefits, tangible and intangible, that you can possibly enjoy as a result of achieving this goal.  The longer the list, the more motivated and determined you will become.

5. Analyze your position, your starting point –> You must first know exactly where you currently are, in order for you to get to where you want to go.  If you want to achieve a certain net worth, or lose a certain amount of weight, you must first know where you are today.  If you don’t know where you are, you won’t be able to measure your progress.

6. Set a deadline –> Deadlines on goals increase your chances of attaining them.  A deadline creates pressure, which will further motivate you to get the goal achieved.  Pressure creates diamonds.  Without the deadline, you could continue to put it off and procrastinate.  If you set a deadline but haven’t achieved your goal by that deadline, simply set another one.  Just focus on getting it done.

7. Make a list of all the obstacles that stand between you and the accomplishment of your goal –> Wherever great success is possible, great obstacles exist. You must first identify what they will be before you get started.  Once you have your list, ask yourself, “Which is the biggest obstacle on this list?”  The answer you come up with is your “rock”.  This can be internal, maybe you lack a particular skill, ability or attribute that you must have to achieve your goal. You must be completely honest with yourself and ask, ‘Is there anything about myself that I will have to change, or any ability that I will have to develop  in order to achieve my goal?’ Then find out what your limiting step is. Once you know what your limiting step is you have to do everything possible to relieve it.

8. Identify the additional information you will need to achieve your goal –> You must learn what you need to know in order to achieve what you want.  If you want to achieve a financial goal, you must learn and study finances.  If you want to achieve a health or fitness goal, then you must learn and study health and fitness.  Make a list of all the information, talents, skills, abilities and experience that you will need and then make a plan to learn, buy, rent or borrow this information or skill. Learn from people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

9. Make a list of all the people whose help and cooperation you will require –>This list may include your family, boss, friends, a coach, mentor, banker, customers, business partners, etc… To accomplish most things, you will require the help from other people. What can you give in return. People are generally more wiling to help you achieve your goals if they feel that they will be compensated for their effort in some way. Once you have your list, organize it in a list of priority and get to work.

10. Make a plan –> Write out, in detail, what you want, when you want it, why you want it and where you are starting from.  This is the beginning of your plan.  Next, make a list of all the actions and activities you’d have to do to achieve it.  Prioritize it as well.  Which is the most important action? You need a detailed list of what you need to do from start to completion. Accept that your plan will have flaws, it will not be perfect and that’s ok. You will need to tweak it as you go. Each time you hit a roadblock or an obstacle, go back and review your plan and make the necessary changes. Be detailed and organized.

11. Use visualization –> Create a clear mental picture of your goal as it would appear if it were already achieved.  What would it feel like?  What would it look like?  Imagine it in detail and imagine that you’ve already achieved it. Replay this picture or movie over and over on the screen of your mind. This process is powerful and will help give you the beliefs and confidence that you can manifest this goal.  It will become apart of your reality and your subconscious mind will work towards achieving it.

12. Make the decision, in advance, that you will never, never, never, give up –> There will be times when you want to quit and give up.  Never consider the possibility of failure. Never think about quitting. Decide from the start to hold on no matter what. Entertaining thoughts of quitting will weaken you. You must not quit at all costs. Back your goals and plans with determination and persistence.  As long as you refuse to quit, you will eventually be successful. Develop the ability to persevere in the face of the inevitable obstacles and difficulties you will face.  The longer you persist, the more convinced and determined you become.  You will finally reach the point that nothing can stop you, and nothing will.


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