The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord- Woman of Excellence

ladddddyWho can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Prov 31:10.

Chayil is what God calls a woman who has her act together. She is a STAR! She is an absolute ten. She is simply chic. No, better yet, she is chayil! She is full of strength and wisdom, who has the force of an army!

These are not words that are used to describe a prudish, weak girl who has no ambition or goals. This is a woman who is progressive, resourceful, and yet as we delve into her she is incredibly balanced. Balance- it is the hardest thing to attain but the most necessary ingredient when aspiring for success. To be balanced is to have and maintain all elements in their prosper proportion. All parts of your life, all aspects of your personality, need to be fully developed. If one area is deficient or exaggerated, you will be imbalanced. Leaning too far toward one thing or veering too far from another will sooner or later make you tip over. Instead, endeavor to pay attention to every aspect in equal measure, and you will be balanced.

Excellence is an ambition, not a pedigree. It’s about the woman’s destiny, not her origin. Excellence speaks to her self perception and the standards that she will not deviate from. It draws a line in the and says, “Nothing less that this will do in my life anymore!” A woman of excellence knows what she deserves and will work tirelessly to attain it. Do not be discouraged if you have failed or fallen in the past. Excellence is not based on past performance. It is a title given to someone who persisted and rose above her calamities.

A woman of excellence is driving on the road less travelled – a road only the great will travel. She knows exactly where she wants to go. She has a certain something about her. Some will call it arrogance; others will smirk and suggest that she has forgotten where from she came. Boy, are they mistaken. It is the memory of where she was that gives her the strength to arise and keep driving. A woman of excellence is like a thoroughbred, graceful and strong, a creature of rare beauty. She is a winner. She is a diamond that has started as coal but turned into a jewel. She is an exquisite wonder that this generation seldom beholds. What can I say? She is simply a lady.

Jacaranda trees in Harare

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