My Favorite Running Routes- Omaha

runner2Running is life. For me, there is nothing like a great playlist, nice paved roads and myself. I use that time to catch up on sermons, listen to podcasts like ‘behind the knife’, and at times think and talk to God. I enjoy outside running. There is something magnificent about an early morning run when the sun is about to rise, the birds are chirping and the rest of the world is not up yet. Magical mornings. An early morning run sets the mood for the rest of my day. Here are my best routes for running in my City.

Zorinsky Lake Trail –  7.7 miles around. Trail bisects the lake in a figure of eight, you can do one side or both. Eastern side is 4.5miles and Western side is 3.2 miles.

Back-to-the-River trail3 miles. Located at the east edge of downtown, route is from Heartland of America Park, through the Omaha Botanical Garden, and past the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Elmwood Park Trail2.25 miles, runs northeast-southwest through Memorial and Elmwood parks, and feeds into the Keystone Trail.

The Keystone Trail – 16 milesruns north-south a bit west of the connecting Elmwood Park Trail.

Wehrspann Lake6 mile trail around the lake.

My neighborhood – For quick runs at the end of the day when I don’t feel like driving anywhere for a run, I do 4 miles from our house to Burke High School.



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