Physician Assistant

Khadija Deas-Joseph, PA-C New York-Presbyterian Cornell Department of Transplant Surgery

What made you choose medicine and why to be a Physician Assistant specifically? 

I always knew  I was called to be in some field of human services. There is such a rewarding feeling when you extend compassion, knowledge and love towards helping another person. Physician Assistant profession  allows me to do just that and the diversity in areas of specialization are great.
As a black woman in medicine, what have been your biggest challenges?
My biggest hurdle as a black woman in medicine is the need to constantly prove that you are knowledgeable.
What 3 lessons would you impart to the up and coming young black female physician assistant that you wish you had known earlier on in your training and your first few of years in practice.
  • Criticism is not negative, it is learning on the job.pa2
  • Dont ever get so comfortable that you get sloppy.
  • You are forever learning, so never stop investigating.
What is a typical day like for you?
I work the night shift 7pm-7am. My shift starts with endorsement of my patients and
then rounding on each patient. I work in the department of Organ Transplantation so my patients are quite ill with multiple comorbidities.  It’s always busy between floor patients, pre-ops,  post-ops, new admissions and transfers from outside hospitals.
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Being promoted to Senior Physician Assistant.
What is your greatest or proudest moment?
Showing my boys everyday how hardwork and perseverance pays off.
pa4.jpgWhat is the best advice you have received?
When you think its hard, someone has it 10x harder. You got this!
How do you find balance?
Balance is not given to you, you have to create it. For me, balance is recognizing what’s important and letting go of the idea of perfection. I know that anything you don’t put your time into will not flourish. So I create balance with the multiple hats I wear wife, mom of 3 boys, dogmom, entrapenuer, Physician Assistant, friend, sister, Aunt.
Brooklyn Bridge

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