21 Day Challenge- Reset your mind, body, spirit.

clean eatingSo, since starting fellowship, I have not been very consistent with my clean eating and exercise. I don’t feel good with low energy, fogginess, all day blah feeling when I feed my body unhealthy food and drink sugary drinks. My weakness is Hagendaz pineapple coconut ice-cream, white rice, Lindt classic milk chocolate, cheese cake and 2% Lactaid milk. Ok so I will be giving up the milk and substituting with soy milk because I use it for my shakes and to add calories as I am maintaining my weight. For those wanting to lose weight, for the next 21 days eliminate dairy and then you can reintroduce it slowly after the 3 weeks. It is time to reset my body and get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon. I have set practical goals for myself and my hubby is joining me. So invite your significant other, friends to join in this body reset.  As a fellow sometimes I work more than 100 hours a week and at times I am in the hospital for long stretches of time and it makes it difficult to stick to a schedule so the schedule I will be posting daily is easily adjustable to fit your day.


I am the kind of person who does better with a schedule, so I will outline a schedule for the 21 days. I am in the early riser camp but for those who just can not wake up at 4:30 am or 5am, adjust as appropriate for you. For the night shift workers, as long as you stick to the clean eating principles and put in your 20 minutes of working out daily for 5 days a week then we are good. Everyday for those 21 days there will be a bible chapter to read with the goal of finishing the book of Judges, a menu to follow 5 days on which will be repeated for the 3 weeks to make life easy, 2 days off where you can eat as you wish and a work out video.  Remember, the diet plan is just suggestions, what we will be eating because I am a creature of habit and need quick and easy meals, as long as it’s healthy and clean you can do as you see fit. Reset mind, body and spirit. This will take discipline, it will be difficult especially in the beginning; but I can promise you that it will be worth it. Let’s create long lasting, easy to maintain healthy habits. For the young women in your twenties, it’s not too early to start investing in your future by investing in your health. Not only will you feel good and have more energy to live an abundant life, you will look amazing no matter what age you are. Whether you are in school, a single busy working woman, married with a busy job and kids, or stay at home mom, the plan is easily adjustable to your life. Lets do it!!

protein powder
This is the protein powder I use and I mix 2 scoops with 8oz of soy milk and half a banana and that gives me 23 grams of protein


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