Last night in the OR (residency call series, tribute to a great friend)

cropped-cropped-fotor_14656496912959It has been quite an eventful week. I had back to back calls and true to other people’s beliefs that I am a black cloud, the universe fulfilled that prophecy. I however blame the third year resident on call with us last night, he in my opinion is a black cloud. I scan the schedule when it comes out for the month to see how many calls I have with him. I dread them and the days I am on call with him I wake up with palpitations because there is always someone who gets stabbed, shot, is in a horrific motorcycle accident, struck by a high speed vehicle or if not from the outside; patients bleed in the hospital. Whether from a surgery being done by another specialty e.g ob-gyn and we have to go in or bleeding from AV fistulas. Trouble finds us when we work together. He claims he has normal calls when I am not around but I am convinced he is the black cloud.

The trauma team was activated around 530am. Stab wound to the chest is what was reported by EMS. When the patient arrived and we did our survey we noted the stab wound to be in the right upper quadrant and by now you should all know my favorite organ in the body lives in the right upper quadrant. We took the patient to the operating theater (as my British colleagues call it) right away. The patient had a liver laceration which was bleeding, he lost about 500ml of blood. We patched it up and checked to make sure there were no other injuries in the abdomen. When the bleeding had stopped and we repaired the injuries we found, we closed the abdomen. Fotor_14656495014786

At the end of the case as we were closing, it hit me that I would never take call again or ever operate with my good friend as we are going into very different subspecialties. It was such an emotional moment. I was grateful that we got to end our call with an awesome operation which we could perform together. We have been through so much together and helped each other through the most difficult times, and watched each other grow. I have been very blessed to have her as a friend, she knows me better than anyone. She is one of the most talented people I know, an amazing clinician and technically gifted surgeon. I have been lucky to be a part of her life and to know her! I wish her happiness, fulfillment in every part of her life and peace as she starts a new chapter in her life! Congratulations on graduating from General Surgery Residency Dr. A.N!


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