No excuses: Melissa Charles, MD,PhD

When my mentor read Melissa's story and found out she had graduated from Oakwood College and then Loma Linda University School of Medicine, she called me and told me I had to get to know this incredible young woman and interview her for my blog. I was ecstatic when she agreed to be featured on... Continue Reading →

Neurosurgery- Dr. Odette Harris

I have never met Dr. Harris in person but as I was searching for a black female neurosurgeon for my blog series I stumbled upon her. I am not sure how many there are but I would guess the number is extremely small. Dr. Harris recently made history by being the second black female professor... Continue Reading →

Dr. Dionne Okafor- Anesthesiologist

What made you choose medicine and why Anesthesiology specifically? Medicine has been a dream of mine since childhood. Since about age 9, every time we went around the classroom I would state that I am going to become a doctor. I had tunnel vision from that moment and aimed to get the best grades so I... Continue Reading →


What made you choose medicine and why Geriatrics specifically? I always say that you don’t choose medicine, it chooses you. People will try to talk you out of medicine. They tell you how hard it is but most physicians know that going in and welcome the challenge. I have always loved science and I love... Continue Reading →

Neurology- Dr. Mary Olabisi Hollist

What made you choose medicine and why Neurology specifically?  I was always the little girl who wanted to be a doctor since the age of 5. Just like most, I changed my mind multiple times in high school. I went from interior designer, to airline hostess and even an engineer. At the end of the... Continue Reading →

Physician Assistant

What made you choose medicine and why to be a Physician Assistant specifically?  I always knew  I was called to be in some field of human services. There is such a rewarding feeling when you extend compassion, knowledge and love towards helping another person. Physician Assistant profession  allows me to do just that and the... Continue Reading →

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