Chief resident calls (part one)

It began like any other Sunday on call. Rounds with my team, breakfast, and then table rounds with our attending and the other two teams before walk rounds. I was blessed to have the dream team on call with me, reliable, dependable people who took pride in their work and worked hard. As a chief... Continue Reading →

The ripple effect

As a butterfly touches the water on the lake and forms ripples that go on and on, so is the courage of an individual who comes forward as an anonymous kidney donor. Most of us without question would be willing to give a loved one a kidney if they needed it, but how many of... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Organ Donation

Hi darling was thinking about you this morning but mostly relating to an issue that I strongly support and I believe may be dear to your heart. There is a misconception about being an organ donor in some African communities. Some people actually believe that once you are in an accident or in a near... Continue Reading →

Importance of mentorship

On Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking at the HS-MACA Spring Mentoring Gathering at Creighton University. It got me thinking about how extremely important mentoring for our optimum professional and personal growth. Mentorship is a critical component for professional growth and academic success. Mentors have the ability to inspire confidence in others, push them... Continue Reading →

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