Best Running Routes- Denver, Colorado

Dr. Robin Yamaguma, Pediatric Dentist What city do you live in?  Denver, CO What motivates you to run? I love the feeling I get during and after a run....especially a run on the trails.  I've also set up a personal goal for myself (that I made public on my Instagram account) to run at least a... Continue Reading →

Best Running Routes- Norman, Oklahoma

Andrea Flowers What city do you live in? Norman, OK   What motivates you to run? Running is my passion, it brings me so much joy. Every run makes me feel happy to be alive.    Please share your playlist with us. Some of my favorite running songs: Sabotage, Beastie Boys. Reptilla, The Strokes. Dog... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Running Routes- Omaha

Running is life. For me, there is nothing like a great playlist, nice paved roads and myself. I use that time to catch up on sermons, listen to podcasts like 'behind the knife', and at times think and talk to God. I enjoy outside running. There is something magnificent about an early morning run when... Continue Reading →

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